Queens, NY Illegal Gambling Ring Busted!

19 04 2010

[Turns out that allegedly some guys from Queens, NY had an illegal gambling operation running and it was recently busted up by the DA in Queens.  They were making TONS of money.  Check out this article below from NY1.com]

Investigators in Queens arrested dozens of people, allegedly tied to two major sports betting rings.

The Queens district attorney’s office has indicted 38 people in connection with the two nationwide operations that spanned from Queens to Nevada, Florida and as far as Costa Rica.

Seventeen of the defendants were arraigned Wednesday in Queens. All of the defendants face multiple charges including enterprise corruption and money laundering.

The two operations allegedly worked together to make close to $178 million over nearly a three year period. Investigators say a majority of the money came from online betting sites.

Among those charged are a city sanitation worker, DOT highway repairman and a firefighter who prosecutors say delivered gambling money using a New York City Fire Department vehicle.

Prosecutors say gambling rings often lead to more criminal behavior.

“Illegal gambling is not a victimless crime by any sense of the word. Those who participate in illegal gambling often use threats intimidation and physical force to collect their debts,” said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

The defendants are due back in court in May.

If convicted, they could face up to 25 years in prison.



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